going on a roadtrip > studying for finals

Classes are over. Finals are on the horizon. Motivation is waning.



I desperately needed to escape Dunedin because this past weekend was potentially my last opportunity for another New Zealand adventure. While trying not to stress about exams, I spent the weekend in Wanaka and Te Anau with three [old and new] friends. This trip was similar to the dip that I took in Lake Te Anau this morning- a refreshing and restorative experience that I needed before I could start studying for real.

Self-proclaimed noteworthy happenings:

  • I learned that my camping bowl is not microwave safe. When I went to retrieve my sweet potato, I was shocked to discover that the bowl had melted, bubbled, and warped terribly. I still ate my potato but damn that was disappointing.
sad bowl
  • Saturday night was my first time ever being cold in my sleeping bag. Two of us slept in the tent, and we went to bed feeling super cosy and warm. But I woke up at least five times actually freezing and with numb feet. That was the longest and coldest night of my life. It was my idea to stay at a holiday park instead of a hostel but now I can’t remember why…
yeah I’m from Maine, I can wear shorts in the snow
  • I underestimated the difficulty of Roy’s Peak. Not to say it was terribly hard, but I did not give it enough respect. After half an hour, I had removed my top three layers and continued to sweat. It was basically just straight uphill for two hours. Definitely worth the view though.DSC01562
  • I realized that it is pretty common among my friends here to be homesick right about now. I was feeling guilty about wanting to be home [seeing pictures of all of my friends who graduated or finished finals and are now enjoying summer doesn’t help]. But shouldn’t I not care because I am in the most beautiful place in the world? AFter a lot of discussion this weekend, I think it is fine- even natural- to experience these mixed feelings. Because I do LOVE it here. But I am also SO excited to come home. And I think that’s okay.



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