right now

I have started meditating in the mornings. Disgustingly so Boulder, I know. But I have to say, I now understand what all the hype is about. I’m sleeping better, and it has helped me gain some clarity.

I use the app Omvana for meditating

Erzsie, what kind of clarity do you mean? Please, allow me to explain.

As I sit crosslegged on my bed each morning, I can feel the power of the present. Because nothing in the future has happened yet, right? There is so much possibility, but we tend to limit ourselves because we forget that we are capable of causing change. We spend so much time thinking of what we have to do next that it’s easy to forget about right now. And our dreams can only come to fruition if we remember that we can act right now.

in case you were having trouble visualizing a path, New Zealand edition


Everyday is full of choices. Decisions to these choices add up and ultimately result in any given day. And then you do it all over again tomorrow. But did you ever think about how interconnected all of these choices are? They add up. I don’t believe any one decision you make will be that life changing, but they cumulate to ultimately form a path. Literally, the path of your life is determined by each decision you make on the daily. CRAZY! You (probably) will never be faced with a single decision that will make or break your dreams, so stop waiting for that to happen. Position yourself for success– whatever that means to you- by making decisions everyday that are conducive to your goals.



About those goals/dreams…

I believe in big dreams, but they also scare the hell out of me. I had big dreams for my collegiate running career, but with each injury, I buried those dreams deeper and deeper, until I forgot where I had dug the hole.

Rough day at XC nationals my freshman year but still ended up in 42nd place, so naturally I dreamed of winning the whole thing by senior year

Now, I am relearning how to dream. Who would have thought it would be so hard? I’ve started by writing my goals down- sometimes even vocalizing them eeeep- as a way to hold myself accountable and follow through. It’s easy to have big goals and then brush them off as “too hard” or “unlikely.” Don’t get me wrong- I am a realist!! But I do believe that hard work, consistency, and positivity can get you farther than you realize.

One of my greatest fears is the classic case of waking up one day and thinking Where did the time go? There was so much I wanted to do! This could so easily happen, especially if time continues to move at its most recent pace. Maybe this fear is irrational though, because I am in control of my actions. All I have to do is make sure that I act right now, every day. Of course, the scary part is actually acting and then failing. But regret is far more painful than failure.

couldn’t be cheesier, but I’ll admit it-                   the cheese can be helpful

What I’m doing to achieve my goals:

  • clearly identifying them
  • writing them down
  • believing in myself
  • thinking about them every day
  • tactfully positioning myself
  • shutting down negativity


Your dreams aren’t going to magically come true. But you can get there, just stop waiting and take action. Right now.





~ what are your dreams & what are you doing to achieve them? ~


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